Clinton Manganese Property

Clinton, British Columbia, Canada

The Clinton Manganese Property consists of 3 separate mineral claims covering 954.5 hectares of land only 3-6 km south of Clinton, British Columbia. Historical sampling of surface manganese showings at three locations revealed 15-33% Manganese content.


Located on a few kilometers outside of Clinton, BC there is excellent infrastructure surrounding the project. The Clinton Project is accessible by Highway 97 on the original Cariboo road and is located only 40 km NW of Cache Creek and 400 km NE of Vancouver. The rail line and hydro access are proximal to the property.


The region is underlain by sedimentary rocks and volcanic flows from the Permian to Triassic Cache Creek Complex, with outcropping over the Marble Canyon Formation visible in the area.

Manganese mineralization is present as oxides and hydroxides hosted along fractures and impregnated in cherts. Manganese mineralization is also observed in red and green shale units. More systematic exploration of these properties will help to understand Manganese mineralization style, constraints, and generate targets for more advanced exploration work.

Clinton #2

Clinton #3

Clinton #4

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