Indigenous Relations

Voyager believes that the use of the Project area is a privilege that must be granted by the Indigenous peoples, and it is with this in mind that Voyager is committed to developing and maintaining excellent relationships with them to ensure a fruitful collaboration that fosters a relationship of understanding, trust, cooperation, transparency, and mutual respect.

The recognition and unconditional respect of the rights of indigenous peoples is fundamental to the success of
Voyager and to the sustainable development of local indigenous peoples and host communities.

Voyager intends to respect the rights, interests, aspirations, culture, and natural resource-based livelihoods of
indigenous peoples in the design, development, and operation of the Project.

Voyager also intends to work to obtain the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples and to outline both the positive and negative effects of the Project that are likely to occur, whether related to the disturbance of traditional lands and resources or to natural, cultural, and spiritual heritage.